EMR Fax Management

Intuitive Urgent Care EMR patient fax management

Urgent care centers send and receive hundreds of faxes each week, including physician referrals, insurance authorizations, medication refill requests, lab order and more. Managing all of these faxes can be a hassle, especially if your faxes are all paper-based.

With 1st Providers Choice’s Urgent Care EMR software, electronic fax management is easy. Faxes are sent automatically to the EMR and can be filed instantly into the corresponding patient’s chart.

Urgent Care EMR Fax Management Features

  • Configure the software so that incoming faxes go directly into the EMR.
  • File faxed documents in patients' charts with just a few clicks.
  • Send electronic faxes directly from the EMR.
  • Get notified instantly when there is a problem with an outgoing fax.
  • Send automated "Thank You" letters to referring physicians.

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