Urgent Care E-Prescribing

Electronic prescribing for urgent care centers

E-prescribing saves time, reduces prescription errors, prevents drug-drug and drug-allergy conflicts, and has even been shown to increase medication adherence. It is an important tool for urgent care centers, and it is a central component in our Urgent Care EMR software.

Using our Urgent Care e-prescribing module, providers can:

  • Send prescriptions electronically to eRx-participating pharmacies
  • Fax prescriptions through the EMR
  • Print prescriptions to paper to hand to patients in the office

Health organizations that use our integrated online patient portal can also save time by allowing patients to request medication refills online via the portal. Prescriptions refills can then be submitted electronically through the EMR.

See the difference our Urgent Care EMR software's built-in e-prescribing module makes. Call 480-786-1116 today to get started!